Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Photo by Samuel Paradis from FSFX Packages in FSX

Few aircrafts can pride themselves in being graceful, impressive, and a hell of a workhorse. In its entirety, the Boeing 787 constitutes awe-inspiring ingenuity and represents the latest trend in aviation technology and engineering. We believe that the Boeing 787 is that type of aircraft in becoming. We created 787 Immersion always keeping these words in mind.

We have been working tirelessly in order to bring about one of the most beautiful Immersion package yet. We believe we have done an amazing job at recreating each and every effect with every little quirks the Boeing 787 presents. We are very proud of our product and we are confident that you will love it too!

Just like any other Immersion package, you can expect utmost quality and realism from us. We make sure that each and every effect is displayed at the right time and in the right conditions. We pride ourself in our ability to make each Immersion package as real as it gets!

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Performance at first

Respect for performance is dear to us. Several hours of testing with some of the big names in the community went into making sure our product has little to no impact on performance. We think we have reached the perfect balance between incredible effects, great frame rates and an extremely low memory footprint.

Wing condensation

The Boeing 787 wings are nothing short of impressive. Never have we seen so much wing flex in a wing and recreating wing condensation in-sim was quite the challenge. We were able to create wing condensation that is balanced yet ultra realistic. Likewise, condensation on the 787 wing will respect the wing dimensions and extend from leading to trailing edge, from root to tip, where condensation is to be expected.

Furthermore, our wing condensation effect will show several stages depending on the conditions. Mark our words, nothing beats a humid departure from Manchester, the show is grandiose!

Engine condensation

Engine condensation with 787 Immersion is unique and stunning! The effect is also equipped with a varying degree of intensity according to numerous factors. Hence, whether only little thrust or full thrust is applied, the effect will display as you would expect. Taking off from Delhi on a hot and humid afternoon will be grandiose from the window seat as these two big turbines get filled with condensation!

Jet wash

The Trent 1000 and GEnx that equip the Boeing 787 are two powerful turbines that always leave their mark in wet conditions! Our jet wash effect not only looks powerful, it is imposing and feels as such! You, as a pilot-in-command, will feel the thrust in your hands as you push them throttles forward and see the action-reaction behind the aircraft!


Contrails have always been a matter of contention in Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. Lots of people have attempted to fix them, but never achieved the level of realism pilots expected from them. 787 Immersion comes with majestic three-dimensional contrails. We have developed contrails from the ground up that doesn’t just look right, they feel right! Moreover to beautiful looking contrails are contrails that are regulated by weather variables!

Volumetric lighting

Volumetric lighting is one of the most realistic effect in 787 Immersion. Seen both from inside the flight deck and out, it is the most sought-after effect. Volumetric lighting, as its name implies, adds volumetric effects in low visibility conditions to all important exterior lights. As an example, volumetric lighting from the landing lights will redefine the way you fly in a CATI, II or III approach.

+ many other effects

New touchdown effect for your hard landings, new engine start-up smoke under cold conditions, new brake dust effect when retracting the landing gear, under rain conditions, water droplets falling off the wing for more realistic walk-arounds! Water vortex from the ground into the engine (that one is amazing!), and upon rotation, water vapour vortices under each wingtip.

New install process

Our new home-made control panel, VFXCentral, now allows for faster, easier, and a more enjoyable installation process throughout. It also allows to customize your installation of 787 Immersion along the way. Furthermore, updates will be provided through the control panel and will include all your FSFX Packages under one roof.

Read more about VFXCentral...

An active Internet connection capable of accessing North American servers is required to install VFXCentral and 787 Immersion.

Designed for you

787 Immersion is compatible with all popular texture enhancement add-ons and weather engines available for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D V4.

If you fly in FSX with DirectX 10 enabled, you must convert newly installed 787 Immersion effects using SteveFX's DX10 Scenery Fixer.

Minimum Requirements

  • QualityWings 787
  • Windows 7 or above (32 or 64 bits)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP2 or Acceleration Pack)
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 or above
  • FSUIPC (Free or Paid version)

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  • The QualityWings 787 is not included in this package and are sold separately on QualityWings's website.
  • This product only works with the QualityWings 787 and is not compatible with the Aerosim 787, Abacus 787 or any other aircraft.
  • An OldProp ID is required to activate the product.
    You can create one on the login page.
  • Buying 787 Immersion will give you 1 license to be activated on a single computer. You are allowed to transfer this license to a new computer every 3 months.
  • When buying 787 Immersion, you agree with the limitations listed below. Digital downloads are not refundable.
  • An active Internet connection capable of accessing North American servers is required to install VFXCentral and 787 Immersion.


Volumetric rain for landing lights
Volumetric landing lights
Volumetric wing lights
Volumetric taxi lights
Volumetric turnoff lights
Volumetric beacon lights
Volumetric strobe lights
Volumetric logo lights
Wing condensation
Flaps vortices
Engine condensation
Engine jet wash effects on water and snow
Wheels water and snow effects
Brake dust
Touchdown effect
Engine cold start smoke


Please read the following limitations and known bugs before buying the product.

  • Effects are not visible during instant replay.

    Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D’s replay system is very limited and does not allow the replay of advanced effects systems. A great solution in Flight Simulator X is to use FSRecorder with the smoke replay option turned off.


The Changelog is now accessible from VFXCentral directly.